<IMG> tag description

Tag index


  1. <IMG SRC="...">
  2. <IMG SRC="..." ALT="...">
  3. <IMG SRC="..." WIDTH="..." HEIGHT="...">
  4. <IMG SRC="..." BORDER="...">
  5. <IMG SRC="..." ISMAP>
  6. <IMG SRC="..." USEMAP="#...">


  1. Image. Widely supported formats are JPEG, GIF and PNG.
  2. Image with alternate text - displayed if can not show image.
  3. Image with specified size in pixels - scaled if not matching.
  4. Image with specified border width in pixels.
  5. Image with server side map. When clicked, the click coordinates will be passed to the server like /sample.htm?123,456.
  6. Image with client side map - see <MAP> tag.


Text based browsers obviously do not support images. Handheld devices often do not support image maps because there is no cursor.

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