<INPUT> tag description

Tag index


  1. <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="...">
  2. <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="...">
  3. <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="..." VALUE="...">
  4. <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="..." VALUE="..." CHECKED>
  5. <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="..." VALUE="...">
  6. <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="..." VALUE="..." CHECKED>
  7. <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="...">
  8. <INPUT TYPE="image" NAME="...">
  9. <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="...">
  10. <INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="...">
  11. <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="..." VALUE="...">
  12. <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="...">


  1. Text field - entered text will be passed under given name.
  2. Similar to text but text is masked with asterisks.
  3. Checkbox - name/value pair passed only if checked.
  4. Checkbox checked by default.
  5. Radio button - only one per unique name can be checked.
  6. Radio button, checked by default - like with checkboxes.
  7. Submit button - value sets the button caption.
  8. Graphical submit button, works similar to a server side image map - when clicked, the form is submitted and two additional pairs get passed: name.x and name.y for the click coordinates.
  9. Reset button - resets fields to default values when clicked.
  10. File upload, too advanced to explain here.
  11. Hidden field, passes name/value pair unconditionally.
  12. Universal button, used for client side scripting.

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