<LINK> tag description

Tag index


  1. <LINK REL="top" HREF="...">
  2. <LINK REL="contents" HREF="...">
  3. <LINK REL="index" HREF="...">
  4. <LINK REL="glossary" HREF="...">
  5. <LINK REL="copyright" HREF="...">
  6. <LINK REL="next" HREF="...">
  7. <LINK REL="previous" HREF="...">
  8. <LINK REL="help" HREF="...">
  9. <LINK REL="search" HREF="...">
  10. <LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="...">


  1. Reference to the top document in a document hierarchy.
  2. Reference to a table of contents.
  3. Reference to document index.
  4. Reference to glossary of used terms.
  5. Reference to copyright information document.
  6. Reference to the next page in paginated document.
  7. Reference to the previous page in paginated document.
  8. Reference to document containing help information.
  9. Reference to document containing a search form.
  10. Uses an external CSS stylesheet in the document.

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