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Hello, I am Manna5 - Jan Mleczko in the real world. I live in Poland and I am 12 years old. The Poland is an European country with very rich history (officially named Rzeczpospolita Polska - RP). I am mainly interested computer programming. Programmings languages used by me are C, JavaScript, DOS Assembly, and Batch. I know some more, but there are these that I use most frequently. From operating systems, I am using Microsoft Windows everyday, and sometimes DOS. I also have tested Linux Mint that have some bright sides but I still prefer Windows for everyday usage. Making websites usable on mobile phones is really important for me. This means that I do not use advanced CSS and other new technologies on my website. Instead of it, I am using simple HTML - my site is still readable without these. My favorite school subject (besides computer science, of course) is mathematics. My favorite books (I do not read a lot but I have some favorites) are "Jaki" and "my i motyle". I am strogly against tracking and dominating the Internet by Google and Facebook - I am using a privacy-caring search engine named DuckDuckGo and Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome. I recommend it for you too - it you are using Google it propably know your location and full browsing history with details. Because Android is also manufactured by Google and it is also sharing user's data for Google to sell I am using an old LG phone without this plague. If you want to contact me via e-mail, here is: You can also read my blog or go to external links.

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