Manna5's Fraction library for Java

Fraction.class | (reference purposes only)


The Fraction Java class provides four basic operations on fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - with automatic simplifying. Rounding to nearest integer the is available too.


static final Fraction ZERO
Zero as fraction - 0/1.
static final Fraction ONE
One as fraction - 1/1.


new Fraction (fraction)
Clone existing fraction.
new Fraction (numerator, denominator)
Create a fraction.
new Fraction (value)
Convert integer to fraction.


static Fraction of (numerator, denominator)
Optimal way of obtaining a fraction.
static Fraction of (numerator)
Like above, but with implicit denominator of 1.
int numerator ()
Extract the numerator.
int denominator ()
Extract the denominator.
int round ()
Round to nearest integer.
Fraction add (fraction)
Add fractions.
Fraction add (value)
Add integer to fraction.
Fraction subtract (fraction)
Subtract fractions.
Fraction subtract (value)
Subtract integer from fraction.
Fraction multiply (fraction)
Multiply fractions.
Fraction multiply (value)
Multiply fraction by integer.
Fraction divide (fraction)
Divide fractions.
Fraction divide (value)
Divide fraction by integer.
Fraction opposite ()
Opposite fraction - for example 2/1 instead of 1/2.
boolean less (fraction)
Fraction comparsion - less than?
boolean greater (fraction)
Fraction comparsion - greater than?
boolean equal (fraction)
Fraction comparsion - equal to?
String toString ()
Returns fraction as a string like 3/4.

Jan "Manna5" Mleczko