Computer programming
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My stuff

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  1. Soundwave animation using CSS3 Flexbox and few lines of JS: Run-in browser
  2. AI-Controlled Animal life simulator: Run in-browser
  3. EightDB - Simple console-based DBMS: GitHub
  4. My 2.5D image engine: Run in-browser GitHub
  5. Bash4U - JavaScript Bash shell simulator: Run in-browser
  6. My online snake game: Run in-browser
  7. Mercury - my own COBOL-like programming language: GitHub Download ZIP
  8. MyEdit - my console-based text editor for Windows written in Pascal: GitHub Download ZIP
  9. Intel 8080 Assembly Online: Run in-browser (executing assembly instructions directly without compilation to machine code)
  10. Abbyland - tool to learn kids programming: Run in-browser Video demo
  11. My MIKRO BASIC emulator for Windows: Source code on Gist

Updated 16th December 2020

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